Unseen Faith
Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it
gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
( Hebrews 11:1 )

Hello Everyone
I have exciting news. We have started up a program called Community Serve. And our
first “ mission “ day trip is to Camp Mini-yo-we. We will be helping them get ready for the
coming season of camp. This will be a fun day of meeting others and joining together in
work and fellowship all while learning a life skill. Refreshing our souls, uniting together
for one cause, and that’s to give our service to others that will benefit from it but will
never know who did it ( Unseen faith ) This is the love that God shows us, to help others
in need of the hands and feet of others. Thank you so very much, and I am looking
forward to being together and seeing you all. Blessings
– The day will be from 9am-4pm on March 26 2022
– Camp address is 1878 Muskoka District Road 10, Port Sydney, ON, P0A 1L0
– Lunch will be provided by the camp staff.
– Please bring gloves and warm outerwear.
– Please bring your hours card from school / 7 hrs
– There will be two 15 min breaks – one in the morning and the other in the
afternoon. And a half hour lunch.
– Volunteers needed, we can have up to 30 youth so 5 would be perfect.
– Drop off at 8:45 am, There will be someone at the entrance directing you on
where to go.
– Pick up will be at 4:15pm at the same place you dropped your youth off at.
– This event will take place outside.
– Sign-up at rcampese@highlandsyfc.com I need to have you on the list by March
16, 2022 so I can confirm numbers ( thank you ) for the camp so they can better
prepare the meals and snacks. Also to know how many to watch for also the
number of volunteers needed.
– Please tell your friends and family and if Mom or Dad are interested in helping
email me and sign them up with yourself.

Ryan Campese: Community Director • Novar