World Day of Prayer Service - March 4th at 1:30pm

Written by the Women of Taiwan 2023

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together the first week of March each year to observe a common day of prayer.  Through World Day of Prayer, we affirm our faith in Jesus Christ and become aware of the whole world; are enriched by the faith experience of Christians of other countries and cultures; share the burdens of other people and pray with them and for them; become aware of their talents and use them in the service of  God’s world.  Prayer and action are inseparable and both have immeasurable influence in the world. 

Please join family, friends and Huntsville participating churches (All Saints Anglican, St. Mary’s, Salvation Army, Trinity United) in celebrating World Day of Prayer

       Host Church for 2023: ST. ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN

      Saturday March 4th at 1:30 p.m.

      Speaker  Dr. Greg Stewart

Special Music and Refreshments


Coordinated by Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada