Bless the world

Supporting our people who are reaching out locally, regionally and world-wide

Nebaj, Guatemala

We support the short term mission teams who continue the building of a hospital in Nebaj.

In addition, we provide resources for emergency food disbursements in times of crisis. 

Youth Unlimited

In our local community, we support the long term missions work of Ryan Campese through Youth Unlimited/Youth for Christ – Novar. The team works to bring Christ into the lives of teens from non-church going families with little to no access to programs. 

Ruby Walker Missionary Society

Our purpose is to encourage one another to be involved in local and world missions through prayer, study, service and fellowship. Join us monthly as we learn, pray and give to mission around the world!

Faith Orphans, Zambia

Join us in providing new clothes, sweaters and blankets to the  vulnerable children of Faith’s Orphans Foundation in Zambia. If you sew or knit, this is a hands on way to make a difference in a child’s life!