Muskoka Chaplaincy Association is Hiring!

Muskoka Algonquin Health Care (MAHC) has a mandate to provide Spiritual Care at its Bracebridge and Huntsville hospital sites. 

To accomplish this care, they rely on the Muskoka Chaplaincy Association (MCA) to hire a Spiritual Care Coordinator (SCC).

The purpose of the SCC position is:

-On-site interfaith spiritual care services one day per week at each site (8hours/day for 2 days per week)

-Coordination of a team of volunteers who provide spiritual care services at regular and on-call hours of their choosing

-Working collaboratively with hospital management, local faith community leaders and hospice 

Our current Spiritual Care Provider retires in April, but will be available to train her replacement and ensure a smooth transition.

If you would like to be a part of the Muskoka Chaplaincy Association, or join the volunteer team on-site in the hospitals, please contact me through email.  Volunteer training is provided by MCA free-of-charge through an online program recognized by the MAHC and the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. 

I am the Chair of the Muskoka Chaplaincy Association, and we’d love to have your help!

Heather Manuel –