Meet The Staff

Pastor George Anderson  – Minister

George & Audrey emigrated from South Africa to Montreal in 1989 after George, first being a math teacher  ( and Audrey a social worker ), had had two congregational ministries. In Canada George has had ministries in Montreal, Moncton and West Toronto where their 4 daughters slowly trickled out of the home, got married and produced 9 lovely grand-children. They moved to Huntsville two years ago and are enjoying Muskoka and its beauty very much.

George is very called to a renewing revitalizing ministry of the Word and Spirit of Jesus: Jesus came to bring us Life in all its Fullness ( John 10 v 10 ). We can enjoy this life through “faith expressing itself in love”( Galatians 5 v 6 )  and “praying in the Spirit on all occasions” ( Ephes 6 v 18 ) George encourages all believers to learn how to bless others, bring others to Christ and build others up in Christ’s love.( E1B1 )  Tennis, bird-watching, hiking and reading are part of what George & Audrey do together.