Presbycan Devotionals

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  • The Weeds April 25, 2018
    As gardening season is upon us, I am once again amazed at the tenacity of the weeds. In northern Canada, growing things can be quite a chore due to the short season, poor soil, and chilly nights and mornings, as well as scorching, sunny …( read more )
    Lynne Phipps
  • Encounters With God April 24, 2018
    It's that time of year again: time to go through drawers and closets, sorting out, downsizing, and organizing. It's something that I like to do about this time each year, before the good weather comes when I would rather be outside …( read more )
    Dee Renaud
  • Children Of Innocence April 23, 2018
    Violence, suicide, shootings, racial slurs, and bullying are rampant, and it seems that these are occurring more and more. One just has to watch the news on television, read the newspaper, or hear it in the streets. Children and young …( read more )
    Rosemary Hagedorn
  • An Old Song April 22, 2018
    One of the first songs that I ever learned in Sunday school was an old spiritual called "Who built the ark?" It tells the story of the animals going into the ark in different numbers, and the fun part of the song came in the motions that …( read more )
    John Stuart
  • From Force Of Habit April 21, 2018
    For decades now, I have always had a pocket knife in the left-hand pocket of my trousers. In my work pants, I have a regular-sized pocket knife to work in the garden, or to do minor repairs in the house or in my little workshop. In my …( read more )
    Joel Jongkind