Presbycan Devotionals

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  • I Almost Missed Out January 23, 2019
    I almost missed the happiness that God has had for me in life, when I decided to end it at the age of 17. Miserable, lonely, and friendless, I could not see this changing in the future. What good is my life? I questioned, not realizing …( read more )
    Rose DeShaw
  • Checking The Source January 22, 2019
    Our Bible study group meets in the evening, down in a large basement room at our rural church. There is a row of small windows in the room, but in the depth of winter, the only light from outside is the twinkling of stars on a cloudless …( read more )
    Don Lipsett
  • I Kept My Promise, Didn't I? January 21, 2019
    On Friday, June 14th, 2002, our grandson was born. He was premature and had many complications. He died two days later on Sunday, Father's Day. You can imagine the grief, heartache, and loss that we all faced, especially our son and …( read more )
    Cheryl Mariano (Cheremiah)
  • The Long-Sword January 20, 2019
    A lot of healing has gone on over the years. Like many of my fellow Christians with a history, I rejoice in not being the person I once was. However, like the Incredible Hulk, I am not likeable when I am angry. Fortunately, my wife is …( read more )
    Rod Marshall
  • Plenty For Me January 19, 2019
    The Bible has many references directing us to be hospitable. I was blessed to watch my parents practice this teaching on many occasions. One such occasion happened on a Sunday in 1943. A gentleman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his …( read more )
    Vincent Walter