Presbycan Devotionals

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  • What's In A Name? July 22, 2019
    A newborn baby's first possession is his name. Parents normally put much time and consideration into the name that they give their child. It is a person's name that identifies and sets him apart from all the other people in the world. …( read more )
    Gail Lundquist
  • Two Left Feet July 21, 2019
    Recently, I was in a hurry getting the children and myself ready for school. So, this particular morning, I picked up my shoes and made my way to the living room to sit down, as I encouraged the children to switch off and move away from …( read more )
    Rod Marshall
  • Praises For Divine Triumph July 20, 2019
    April 13th, 2014, was a Sunday, and the spirit of the Lord led me into worship when I was alone in my little apartment. During this time out with the Almighty Creator, I was not aware that He was preparing to save me from a bomb blast …( read more )
    Onome Ogbajibrede
  • Bank Job July 19, 2019
    The police gave my brother a choice — either join the navy or go to jail. He was just sixteen, but he'd fallen in with the wrong crowd and had been the wheelman when they were stealing speakers from a drive-in movie theatre. My father …( read more )
    Rose DeShaw
  • Critters Along The Creek July 18, 2019
    My dad showed me his favourite place along the coastal logging road. Tiger lilies banked the roadway, waving their brilliant orange petals with contrasting black spots. Stands of redwood and fir trees canopied everything else. He pointed …( read more )
    Karen Milam