Presbycan Devotionals

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  • A Clear Conscience? February 25, 2018
    I find today's highlighted verse to be very insightful, especially when I try to justify things that I have done which are questionable. I convince myself that what I'm thinking or doing is right, so, therefore, God will understand, …( read more )
    John Stuart
  • Weather Conditions February 24, 2018
    As I look out my living room window, I see snow falling again. The white stuff is coming down so heavily that I can't see the village across the bay. The large evergreen tree is laden with so much snow that the branches are touching the …( read more )
    Rosemary Hagedorn
  • Can You Be Kind To Someone? February 23, 2018
    My grandfather was a doctor in London, England. In 1893, he unexpectedly took ill and died. He left my grandmother as a young widow, 26 years old, with four children: a boy of six, a girl of four, my father aged two, and a new-born baby …( read more )
    Vincent Walter
  • A Signature Scent February 22, 2018
    I was delighted when a friend returned from vacation in Florida and presented me with a large seashell. I immediately put it to my nose. Most people would put it to their ear, listening for the sea. But I am hard of hearing, and to put …( read more )
    JJ Ollerenshaw
  • Family Reunion February 21, 2018
    I walked over, shook his hand, and said, "Good to see you." Almost four years had passed since my family had seen my youngest brother. It wasn't because he had no way to get here, or because he was mad at anyone, or because he was too …( read more )
    Martin Wiles