COVID-19 Response

St. Andrew’s Update on our COVID-19 Response.

    Our St Andrew’s faith community, in following Christ, is being organised in the wake of this unprecedented challenge. Here are a few of the things that have been done over the past two weeks, as we prepare for what might come. Session has:

  • Scaled back our in person programming.  But we are encouraging all of our groups to adapt to this new reality using your phone, and newer technologies to maintain the life of our Church family.

  • Moved our worship service online.  We are creatively trying new things, to find out what will best serve and enhance our worship life together.

  • Closed our building. After closing our building to outside groups, we decided that entry into the building will only be allowed for necessary purposes and must be kept to a minimum. The Church offices will not be entered except by prior approval of the Minister or Administrative Assistant.

  • Acted to protect staff.  Our Office Administrator will soon be working fully from home. Pastor Timothy will be working from home, except for Zoom Meetings.

  • Opened a Zoom Account. Leadership Groups have already started using this for meeting.
    Our hope is that our Growth Groups could use this platform, or another to continue their important connection.

  • Established one point contact for practical needs. There are many in our congregation that we care about, that should not go out for any practical necessities. We are working together to meet these needs.

Looking out for those at Risk.

     In the wake of COVID-19 we are all concerned for those at most risk from this virus. Session is:  

  • Encouraging those at risk to isolate themselves. We are encouraging everyone to follow the Government guidelines. Those 65 and older (or those with pre-existing conditions) should be self-isolating. If you do not have low-risk family or low-risk neighbours who can help, we have Church volunteers that can help.

  • Coordinating these efforts through Anne Hawes. Anne is the point person for this important ministry.  Should you require assistance please call Anne at 705-783-1718 (cell) or email  Anne will connect our volunteers to those in need from home.  The others Elders will support Anne as needed.

  • Asking for volunteers. We are calling for willing volunteers from lower risk groups within our congregation to practically help with this important ministry. Those that feel comfortable helping, please call or email Anne.

  • Suggesting ways of doing this safely. The Adult Ministries Life Group is coming up with strong guidelines to help people who shopping and receiving necessities, to interact safely.

  • Open to the ideas of how to extend this grace into the community. Please call your neighbours and be aware of those who are struggling and need a gracious hand in this time.