Core Values

ST ANDREW’S CORE VALUES We are an evangelical Presbyterian congregation formed by Jesus Christ whom we worship and serve as Lord, Saviour, God and Head of the Church 

JESUS CHRIST IS WITH US! We are blessed in God’s love to be a Gospel people who are excited to be discovering the full meaning of the “fullness of life” in Jesus Christ, the living, risen Son of God. 

WE CAN KNOW GOD PERSONALLY! We are blessed to have the privilege of knowing God through a personal relationship of faith and repentance towards Jesus as Saviour and Lord in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. THE BIBLE IS TRULY TRUE! We believe in the Spirit-inspired truth and power of the Word of God in the Bible and find it most effective to develop disciples of Jesus Christ in teaching and guiding us in all phases and areas of life. 

WE ENJOY WORSHIP! We are blessed to enjoy joyful worship within our church family as we share in the glory of the Father through joyful praise, the preaching of Christ’s Word, the presence of the Holy Spirit and prayer. 

LOVE BUILDS AND BLESSES! We are blessed to share in the fellowship of Jesus’ compassionate love as we build up and bless one another through fellowship meals, study and prayer groups, ministry teams groups and authentic love for the sick, lonely, needy and lost. PRAYER WORKS! Because of our human weaknesses and sinfulness we seek through regular prayer and the power of the Spirit to be strengthened for all our life and ministries. 

THE FAMILY IS VITAL! We seek to live out the truth and love of God in Christ in our families acknowledging the central roles of fathers and mothers, grand-fathers and grand-mothers and the need for the strengthening of marriages. 

GOOD NEWS IS FOR SHARING! We are committed to practice disciple- making of all persons using all means to reach out with the Good News and teach and help all to mature as followers of Christ especially chil- dren, youth and young families. 

HEALING IS FOR TODAY! Christ still heals the broken-hearted and sick in body, mind and spirit. 

LEADERSHIP MATTERS! As Presbyterian evangelicals we seek to strengthen prayerful, caring, biblically educated leadership at St Andrew’s in the broader context of both Huntsville churches and the presbytery of Barrie’s biblical oversight.