Recently Awana Ministries hosted a free webinar for Grandparents.  Grandparents have incredible power: they are second only to parents in their ability to influence children. The greatest joy and the greatest passion of a grandparent is a grandchild, yet that passion is unleveraged by the church, and under-resourced by the vast majority of family ministries.


Please take some time to watch the webinar.  The knowledge you learn from this free resource will have a huge impact on your relationship with your own Grandchildren.  Click here to download the study notes that we referred to in the webinar.



What the Bible Reveals
The Private Pains of Grandparenting
Defining a Legacy Grandparent


Dealing with the Indifferent Parent
When Your Adult Child is Just Plain Wrong
The Dilemma of Distance
Telling Your Story
Praying for Grandkids
The Legacy Mission Vision

To view a recording of the webinar please click here